Coaching in Eating Psychology 

is a smart way to support emotional and healthy eating


It is an innovative approach in which; psychology & psysical wellness are combined to help with food struggles & unwanted eating habits

Eating psychology coach offers you the support you need to transform not only your relationship with food but also with your body, as the main focus is in how and why you eat.

You might be feeling like...

The process for you has already started... 

You are already familiar with your own emotional eating behaviour but want to learn how to cope with your emotional distress and deal with it, instead of ‘giving in’ to emotional eating.

You have a desire to influence your emotions and consequently gain more control over your eating behaviour.

 Since a long time you have been wanted  to lose weight but you are not longer helped by diets or counselling,  you don't need a process that imposes on you new behaviours about food intake and or physical activity, but instead you are looking for help on how to regulate your emotions about food while feeling happy and supported in the process.

What can you expect from the process?                                                   

This is an understanding, positive approach and empathy with strategies that are also focused on solutions.  


I support you weight goals in a judgement free environment with concrete help, instructions, compliments and advice on how to keep your self-esteem at the most difficult moments of your journey.​

Tips on how you can do even better, and a little fun homework to do during mealtimes will be given. 

We will discuss your eating behaviour in relation to healthy food.

Focusing on your food preferences and health. 

Helping you to find alternatives on planning your meals, making them  satisfying and wholesome.


​You can expect to receive practical advice in the form of roadmaps, action in the form of  prevention, by coming up with substitute activities & mindfulness, so temptation can be resisted and the impulse to eat suppressed.

What can you expect from me?

I base my coach on validating your feelings while focusing on the change you want for your body, providing you with both mental support and practical advice.

I will hold your hand and suggest practical steps on how to prevent or stop your undesirable eating behaviour. 

​Together we will find solutions on how to anticipate and recognise your craving signals, developing alternative habits to avoid difficult situations.


Is that more than 40% of people with obesity suffer from emotional eating behaviour or eating in response to negative emotions & distress​.

Eating for comfort and for pleasure, is not a bad thing. The problem is when we eat for reasons besides hunger i.e stress, boredom, etc... then we have to evaluate how much comfort and pleasure we really have coming into our lives from other sources, and why we are continuously looking to food as the only way of getting those feel-good feelings.⁠

Wellness Coach

Intuitive eaters life their lives

Having unconditional self-regard and optimism for their bodies, while cultivating trust on themselves.⁠

Enjoying eating habits that are based on positive emotions while having a greater life satisfaction. ⁠

Trusting their body's innate hunger when it tells them, what and how much to eat. ⁠

Having greater motivation to exercise while focusing on enjoyment rather than guilt or appearance. ⁠ ⁠


Your journey to

develop mindful

and intuitive eating as

the final goal...


Along with exploring your relationship to food and movement, we will discuss other factors that influence your health such as childhood, work, key relationships, overall satisfaction with life and other stressors, as they're all connected to your well-being and why you turn to food.


Getting clear on what is between your emotions and eating behaviour to come out with a solution for this problem.


Clarifying the link between your emotions and your eating behaviour even when you don't see them in terms of emotion-regulation.


Learning how to bring awareness into your emotions, while developing mindfulness techniques to regulate them.


Mindful eating sees self-compassion as the foundation for intuitive eating as the whole intention behind it is about self-care, so you care for yourself when you are kind and compassionate.  

Acknowledging when you are suffering and learning how to be kind with yourself at these times, to reduce anxious and sad feelings. 

We will work on rejecting destructive feelings that lead you into emotional eating, issues with food and body comparison while you learn to treat yourself as if you were treating someone that you really love.


the sessions are structured with well-chosen action steps, that will combine unlearning, relearning, and rewiring yourself with a respectful inquiry, conversation, listening, exploration, and experimentation to develop mindful eating all in a free judgement environment. 


It is a life changing and a personal process to reconnect with your body on a  very deep level, honouring your health by listening and responding to the direct messages from your body to get your needs met. 

Intuitive Eating happens when removing obstacles to perceiving and responding to the thoughts and sensations in the body. 

Very often the biggest mental obstacles are in the form of beliefs and thoughts as a consequence of today's diet culture that have affected our trust on our bodily sensations, because eating is based on externality to rules and diet plans.  

This has created a huge confusion between mind and body, and hunger as an inside job of our body, this why using external methods to eat such as counting macros calories or points does not help you connect to your body's intuition.


" I feel so grateful for having found Andreina, I value every second of the time invested in our sessions, they are super productive with ideas to try and new techniques to implement.”  

It has now been three months, and I really feel how I have moved away from the pressure of diet culture and into a self-compassionate, intuitive eating mindset which has taken time and effort – but it is so worth it! and one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of improved mental health and having a healthier, positive relationship with my body and food".

Angela Derrit / Human Resource Specialist 

“Andreina comes not only from a background of yoga, mindfulness and wellness, she comes from a place of caring for people that suffers from stress and with a natural ability to connect with people.”

I've been lucky to be her client and tried all the services she offers. She has helped me to discover my passion for yoga, how to have food with food and live life with a lot less stress. I am considerably thinner and I am not afraid of going to a restaurant. My digestion and back problems are under control. I feel mentally and physically nourished. Andreina’s personalization skills will help you find what is best for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Susan Taylor/ Project Manager

“After wasting as long as I remember torturing myself about what I was eating -  time that I could have used more productively - I found Andreina, her approach to stress and mindfulness supported me emotionally while changing my eating habits with the mental peace I needed I have not only lost my extra weight, I have learnt how to maintain a great relationship with my body while enjoying food and having fun with yoga, meditation and other fitness activities that I felt in love with during the process. “

Julian Ormon / Architect


The sessions can be paid individually, however I would recommend not less than five to complete the journey to develop Intuitive Eating



 1 Initial Coaching session (90 minutes) £50  

Follow Up coaching calls (1 hour) £40




 £160 and SAVE £10






weeks ONLY £300 SAVE £30

The combined programme covers all the benefits of five coaching sessions in eating psychology PLUS personalised yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques.

This is a smart way to support you mentally and emotionally, while developing the most powerful techniques to feel safe around food and the actions you take to look after your body from inside out.


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