Bespoke Options for Corporate 

When we suffer physically, our performance suffers because our mind is distracted and dragged down by pain; when we suffer mentally, it can often manifest itself as a physical ailment. 

I help workforces to balance their minds and bodies and to alleviate physical and emotional tension while performing their jobs. 

I offer mindfulness, meditation and yoga workshops.

My workshops are customised to fit within the culture of your organisation and your specific objectives. 

You know that a happier, more balanced workforce leads to an increase in productivity and higher staff retention.  It also encourages dynamic and creative problem-solving, better and more productive communication and ultimately a more successful and cohesive organisation.  

Yoga For Your Team

Our wonderful minds have the capacity to tolerate some stress, in doing so we can grow our resilience to manage high levels of it, while feeling balanced. 


Take- away 

The participants will learn how to connect mind and body and how to switch from stress to calmness.


This is an easy team alternative for them to work more collectively, with low cost and small commitment for your organisation.

During Covid many people want to relax with online yoga & meditation.


This retreat is to learn mindful modifications to dive into yoga and meditation sessions that feels best for your body. Take this with you wherever you practice. 

This is a two hours Virtual Retreat Via Zoom 

Finding Calm In Stressful Times Retreat 


Mindful Eating Programme

Eighty per cent of our bad relationship with food is down to stress. Mind and body flow bring consciousness into your body to optimise nourishment.  


This is a bespoke programme that combines the wellness found in mindful eating, meditation and yoga to boost your mind and body energy.  

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Mindfulness      Workshop            

This is a mind focus therapy to help your workforce to understand and apply mindfulness. Being part of this transformational process lowers stress and improves problem solving skills. 

Take- away 

The corporate worker your employees will learn about how to grow mindful habits and how to implement mindfulness into their corporate life and current well-being goals.

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Creating balance and connection  

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