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Individually we need to understand what is causing us personal stress and learn what steps we can take to reduce it for ourselves and those around us.

Calm in Stress Therapy by Mind & Body Flow

This therapy is designed to look into your daily struggles, offering wellness mentoring sessions to understand them. 


Followed by bespoke yoga sessions to release specific points of tension in your body and a customised meditation practice to release mental stress. 


This therapy provides  Mindfulness strategies to manage challenges of everyday life, whether they are related to work, family, health or relationships. 

How can the therapy help you? 

You get to understand how to release stress when it feels like you are missing peace inside.​

Learning how to reconnect with yourself not only finding inner peace but feeling that the body is a safe and calming place.

It brings a restorative effect on your physical body, it is emotionally uplifting, clearing and calming your mind and resulting in a readiness to handle life’s challenges.

Helps you to develop your own yoga and meditation practices, so you can access these tools from anywhere and as often as you need.

You will learn to develop a self- yoga and meditation practise progressing into your own pace. 

What is stress? 

Stress is a state of mental, physical and emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. 

Are you under constant stress? 

Being under constant stress can lead to suffering from chronic stress which disrupts nearly every system in the body. 


Chronic stress can

Suppress your immune system - Upset your digestive and reproductive systems -

Increase the risk of heart attack and stroke - Speed up the ageing process. 

Rewire the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

 Background Of Calm in Stress Therapy

I started this five years ago with small yoga workshops, classes and coaching to make the practice more personal and interactive. 

I wanted then to satisfy the demand from my clients to become more self efficient, when I couldn't be there to guide their feelings & emotions in challenging situations. 


This programme provides a natural and sustainable alternative to supporting stress management.


This therapy is available for anyone tired of attending to sessions where mental stress is the only one treated, overlooking its physical symptoms i.e body tension. 

At the completion of the theraphy, clients will develop the ability to continue and progress with their own yoga and meditation practice. 


Claire Nichols - FASHION DESIGNER 

I have been in therapy with Andreina  for the past two months.


I was seeing a therapist who told me that it would help me with my depression.  Since starting it has helped my mood so much. 

I also have back problems and now I have stopped going to physiotherapist my posture has also improved.


This theraphy has helped me to relax and Andreina is very patient.

      Robert Smith - LAWYER

My GP suggested to try yoga therapy with Andreina after heart surgery.


I have found that a regular practice with her has improved my flexibility and balance plus I’m using muscles I haven’t used in a long time.

The breathing exercises and meditation help me relax and contribute to reducing my blood pressure plus it helping me to sleep better.


Andreina combines different  elements to connect your body and mind.

What does the programme include

Wellness Mentoring sessions

to motivate you to increase your stress resilience, combining them with mind and body practices.


I guide you into how to increase your mental clarity using mindfulness, not only to help you in stressful situations but also to intensify good experiences. 


Before I design this plan, we discuss & decide what type of meditation is right to satisfy your mindful needs, then agree on a length of practice.

Finding my voice engaging

The voice in guided meditation is very important, please click the sample above and listen to how I will engage with you. 

Mindful Breathing
00:00 / 04:27


Offering a progression from learning the basics of yoga on a mat to moving into a practice that can be used more often and even from your desk to manage work stress.

Mindful movements are a lot more than yoga classes at the local gym or on the internet because I customise them based on your needs, choosing specific body postures to ease the point of tension. Also, the mind and body integration occur between the movements from your body together with yoga breathing, establishing a deeper connection with what is felt at the mental and emotional levels.

Length of the Therapy 

Everything is completely bespoke and no project is too small, however if you are looking to develop your own yoga and meditation practice I recommend not less than a four weeks plan; 


A two weeks session includes

1 Initial wellness awakening session (30 minutes)

Follow Up wellness mentoring call (30 Minutes each)

Thirty-five minutes of personalised, affirmations and meditations.

Two hours & 20 minutes, 3 videos of personalised yoga videos of Mindful Movements to balance the body energy.  


Free Bonus

Unlimited text/email support between sessions during working hours

£ 200

A four weeks session includes

1 Initial wellness awakening session (90 minutes)

Follow Up wellness mentoring calls (60 Minutes each)

Forty-five minutes of personalised, affirmations and meditations.

Two hours & 20 minutes, 3 videos of personalised yoga videos of Mindful Movements to balance the body energy.  


Free Bonuses

Unlimited text/email support between sessions during working hours

£ 480

Creating balance and connection  

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