My Story 

I first discovered my passion for the mind and body as a teenager.  When I developed my taste for reading about how energies flow in and out of the body, I could make a link with the importance of feeding yourself with what makes you feel good. 

I started practicing yoga at the age of twenty-two, stepping into adulthood and feeling ready to start my journey within the corporate world.

After two years, a dream came true, I was given a new role as Product Manager within the pharmaceutical industry. I felt a huge sense of responsibility and stress to perform well.


I knew that having more responsibility wasn’t the problem, but the growing feeling of stress kept following me all the way through the many years that followed my corporate life. 


On many occasions I asked family and friends what I could do to manage stress, they all said;

“feeling stressed is normal, it will always be there, you should try to get used to it if you want to progress with your career” 


That was when I began to think that no one had a problem with it, but me.

For years I worked on yoga self-practice and attended numerous gyms and yoga retreats. 

As my knowledge and practice grew, I started to think about what I would like from a yoga session and it was more than what I was being offered.

I then took the decision to take full training, to become a yoga and meditation teacher, later training as coach in eating psychology. I combine the aspects of mindfulness, self-compassion and intuitive eating into my therapies. 

It didn’t take me long to realise that I could no longer separate the strands of my practice, based on stress relief. The mind and body work together, and if one is imbalanced, both are. 


You can control the impact of stress on your health, your relationships and eating habits…

I am here to impact the wisdom within, building your resilience towards stress

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