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Mindful Eating Program 

This program doesn’t provide you a specific diet. It is not about calories or quantity. It is about real, sustainable change.

Support your choices and feelings around your body and food. We do this by applying this formula: 

Self-compassion + Mindful eating = Intuitive eating (and it must be done in that order) 


Guiding you into the practice of mindfulness to welcome your feelings and to transform them, you get to know yourself well and feeling that you deserve to treat yourself with care.


Mindfulness eating sees self-compassion as the foundation for intuitive eating, as the whole intention behind it, is about self-care so you care for yourself when you are kind and compassionate.  


I help to break the habit of comparing yourself to others, which is not helpful and often emotionally destructive. 


Mindfulness brings awareness into these moments and your thoughts for you to create a gap to insert self-compassion, transforming your guilty self-talk into a self-compassion mode.


Finding my voice engaging

The voice in guided meditation is very important, please click the sample above and listen to how I will engage with you.

The   sessions  cover

Food addiction – help breaking addiction

The energy in the body Lifestyle and food

Eight Personalised meditation audio-recorded files

Self-compassion, intuitive eating, and mindful eating

Two-hour yoga videos; with guided self-compassion meditations to reduce self-judgment and while increasing self-esteem.

Mindful Breathing
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The Mindfulness

Creating balance and connection  

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