This is a lovely class that not only let's you practice yoga but Andreina also makes the connection between the postures and general well being a focus of her sessions, I have been going for about 7 weeks and would recommend! 





How I felt this week after yoga?

On Thursday evening after our class I felt relaxed and peaceful. I slept well overnight and I maintained this through the weekend.

On Monday. I had a stressful day at work but I used my breathing and closed my eyes in the car before I drove home from work to help me stay calm.

On Wednesday afternoon at work, I attended a Stress Resiliance Training Session" and we did some mindfulness meditation and I practiced my breathing again. 

My back hasn't bothered me since starting the weekly yoga sessions and I have noticed I am feeling stronger 

Claire Nichols


I have been doing Mindful Movement with Andreina every Friday for the past two months. I was seeing a therapist who told me that it would help me with my depression.


Since starting it has helped my mood so much. I also have back problems and now I have stopped going to physiotherapist my posture has also improved. This class has helped me to relax and Andreina is very patient. Namaste



My GP suggested I try yoga after heart surgery I have found that regular yoga classes have improved my flexibility and balance plus I’m using muscles I haven’t used in a long time. The breathing exercises and meditation help me relax and contribute to reducing my blood pressure plus it helping me to sleep better. Andreina combines different yoga elements to connect your body and mind there’s a great combination of oils for aromatherapy, massage and great music to fall deeper into the practice.



  I started doing yoga as a New Years resolution to try a different class at the gym. I initially wanted to improve my core strength and do an alternative type of exercise other than cardio. I have truly enjoyed Andreina’s class and find that Mindful Movement brings me a feeling of calm and mental strength, helping me to relax and enhancing balance of mind and body.  



These classes always make me

80% calm, relaxed and at peace

with myself. Andreina is amazing at helping you to reconnect with

yourself and your peace. Isabel

 I feel so chilled after my yoga class!

Beautiful music, sharing the magic with others Andreina is very calm and has a lovely voice I really enjoy her class. Annelize