Switch Into Calm Retreat 

Explore different types of yoga, feel their benefits and get to know which is the one that feels best in your body while releasing mental and physical tension.












Stress is an emotional response towards a situation, which demands adjustment.

It is manifested in mental and physical symptoms that can threaten your immune system.

We are living in times of uncertainty and with all that is going on with the pandemic, fitting a self-care routine that feels right for your body and mind can be confusing and difficult to manage. 

Stress during a pandemic outbreak can cause feelings of fear, you could be worried about your own health and the health of your loved ones. 

Your financial situation or job could deteriorate.You could lose support services.

Changes can alter sleep, eating habits and  concentrating can be difficult.


This is a two hours retreat to find the tranquility that you have been craving for a long time, while growing your bodily wisdom and immersing into the rhythm of a retreat that is calm, safe and supportive.


Calm and safe in your body.

Ready to face the challenges.

TRUSTING That you have built your ability to deal with stress. 

During our time together we will enjoy

70 Minutes of Hatha and Yin yoga, moving mindfully into different postures, letting go and alleviating the tension in our bodies, using powerful breathing techniques while going deeper into what feels good.

This practice is ideal for athletic types who need to release tension in overworked joints, and it is also good for those who need to relax.

25 Minutes of Yoga Nidra,  to develop awareness into our bodies as well as the ability to reduce anxiety and irritability. 

It has been proven by scientific research that yoga Nidra can boost your biochemistry and enhance the production of feel-good hormones.

Yoga Nidra promotes rest and relaxation through meditation, learning this practice helps you fall asleep—and stay asleep—at night.

5 Minutes of Face yoga, to relax the muscles around our face area. 

Whether you're a man or a woman, if you're stressed, worried, tired, or just spaced out, your face can lock into a holding pattern. It clamps down and scrunches in. You don't make this happen; your muscles seem to have a mind of their own.

I will be sharing ancient techniques found in Ayurveda to release the tension in your face. 

​15 Minutes of Body Nourishment with a cup of hot pure cacao to sip and enjoy mindfully, during a seated meditation.

Cacao was used in rituals and ceremonies by our Mesoamerican ancestors and was considered sacred. For decades the ritual and ceremonial use had been lost; it is interesting that  Cacao is regaining its reputation as a powerful yet gentle earthly medicine.

For this part of the retreat, I will ask you to be ready to mix your cacao, instructions will follow. 

This meditation is gentle but powerful , it won’t push you through a door but rather gently leads you there if you are willing. 

Benefits cacao increases heart rate significantly, and is a vasodilator, opening blood vessels, increasing flow, and reducing blood pressure if it is high.

It can aid clearing emotional blocks, connects you with your creativity, enhances focus and mental agility


*Tea can be enjoyed as an alternative during this meditation 


Join me if you ....

* Need to get out of the stress cycle and are motivated to learn easy techniques to help think with more clarity and live calmer life. 

* Feel like  sometimes you get stuck with stress and need to know how to draw on your own bodily wisdom to find answers to solutions. 

* Would like to explore different type of yoga and choose the right one for you.


* Are curious about how to connect with your body before stress builds up, reading the early signs of tension and knowing how to slow down to replenish your energy.  

What do they say about my retreats ....

It was a privilege to take part in Andreina's weekend retreat! I especially liked learning more about breathing and alignment. Andreina is so lovely and she personalised and tailored the poses to better suit us and the sports we do and lifestyle we lead. You can tell yoga is her passion!

Katherine Hatharajah

Andreina was a fantastic yoga teacher, in particular I liked her more advanced lesson where she showed us moves I’ve not done before. She took time to learn about everyone in the class, so even though it was over zoom it still felt very personal. I would definitely recommend Andreinas yoga! Namaste

Seb Russell

I attended Andreína’s virtual retreat in February 2021 and it was really informative and helpful. I have picked up many tips that will help me go deeper with my home practice. I recommend if you are struggling to ask Andreína for her help as she explains with ease and grace. 

Amber D’Aniello


WHEN: Saturday 23rd of April 2022


80 Minutes from 10:00 am to 11:20 pm🇬🇧

GMT – Greenwich Mean Time 

Via Zoom 


Or bring a friend and you both get £5 Off 


WHEN: Sunday 24th of April 2022


2 hours from 10:00 am to 11:20 pm

EST – Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Time 

Via Zoom


Or bring a friend and you both get £5 Off