These are dynamic packages that combine old elements of yoga with executive coaching in an all-in-one session that offers the best of both in one wellbeing plan and one budget.

One-to-One session:

Skype and Face-to-face session at the office between 60 and 80 minutes 

Sessions include:

- Work on the physical body (yoga practice) to improve problems from sitting for long periods of time; such as bad posture, back problems, pain around the neck and shoulder area

- Releasing tension 

- Breathing techniques 

- Meditation 

- Mindfulness 

One or two options of coaching 

- Executive and personal coaching 

- Coaching in eating psychologically


Specifically and carefully designed with the office environment in mind

Being seated all day is proven to be detrimental to a person’s health. It can cause issues with core stability, pins and needles, pain and problems with vision. Yet the majority of the working population sits in an office all day at a computer.

Sessions can be done one-to-one or in a group. I recommend taking a block of four sessions, one a week, for an hour per session. I have found that just four sessions of yoga, followed each time by a coaching session, can create considerable change in a person, depending on the person and the levels of stress or physical discomfort they are experiencing. 

I will do each session at your workplace (yoga mats provided – or feel free to bring your own!) . After four sessions, I offer the option of moving to a 30-minute session on a weekly basis over Skype to continue the practice. This is an easy fit for busy schedules. It also offers a progression from learning the basics of yoga on a mat, to moving into a practice that can be used more often from your desk and gives you the tools you need to manage stress in situations when you cannot get away from your desk.

Office with a View


Nourishing the body feels good.

Stress can lead to depression and anxiety. It is very easy then to fall into unwanted habits that can become very difficult to break. My coaching sessions in psychological eating aim to balance the mind and body with eating habits.

Coaching for eating psychologically couldn’t be further from a diet. It is not about calories or quantity. It is about real, sustainable change.

We do this by applying this formula: 

Self-compassion + Mindful eating = Intuitive eating (and it must be done in that order) 

Mindfulness and Yoga for Primary & Secondary School Children

This programme is designed to increase focus and resilience, while teaching self-discipline.

1 in 10 children suffer with poor mental health. I have designed and developed school-based sessions that offer both physical and mental health benefits for children of all ages to reduce stress and anxiety.


This programme is taught from the top down. It is important that parents and teachers also learn about mindfulness, yoga and breathing techniques; their support is key for reinforcing and promoting mindfulness activities into children’s lives. The practice is easy to incorporate into school lessons and family life, and for it to create lasting change and to have far-reaching benefits, it needs to be continued and repeated.

After working with the grown-ups, I will then introduce yoga practice and mindfulness to the children, in separate lessons, so that they have an understanding of how the practice can be helpful.

As part of the programme, I offer detailed activities and suggestions of how parents/families can fit them into the children daily lives.

Children enjoy mindfulness and welcome it easily into their lives. They spend their days taking in information, responding to the environment, interacting with others, and generally just being “ON”; we rarely give them a moment to pause, settle their nervous system, and refocus their attention and energy on a new task. Practicing these skills will give teach them how to create a sanctuary within themselves that will help them to cope with their growing bodies and minds, and to navigate the swiftly developing world.