Wellbeing is a life journey

My approach to your wellness is personal and authentic. To me lowering stress is not about a single formula for everybody or attempts for quick fixes, but instead looking closely at how it has shaped your habits, needs, and desires and how a customised therapy can be best to help you to succeed.


My mentoring session quotes vary from a therapy to reduce mental and physical stress, to corporate workshops and single mentorship sessions designed to suit your needs. I do not consider any project too small, sometimes small changes are the most important ones.




The days of fixed-rate packages are gone as it goes against my business core: wellness mentoring is the starting point to create a unique bespoke therapy that cannot be achieved with a package deal. To me, each mentoring, mind, and body is different and speaks honestly about your needs.  

I will create a bespoke Yoga and Meditation therapy to create balance and connection 



Wellness Mentor 

Through mentoring I am able to understand how your mind and body are in relation to stress. 

Using my intuition to tap into your thinking and guide you to find the answers within you. 

I look into the different points of tension and the energy levels in your body to customise the yoga sessions. 


Coaching is used, helping us to define your personal goals and dreams, based on this we agree on affirmations and a meditation plan to help you to achieve them. 

I offer one to one mentoring combined with the following plan 

Finding Calmness in Stress Therapy


This customised therapy is the right fit for a busy schedule. I offer a one to one support, for the stress felt not only in the mind but also in the body. 

Creating balance and connection  

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